As the Iceland test comes up at Euro 2016 Wayne Rooney states that he is feeling refreshed and confident about his team.

Being England’s captain, his mood and state of mind would certainly reflect the state of the mind of the team as well. As the quarter finals come up for Euro 2016 he states that the team is ready to face their first opponent, Iceland which is the first match of the quarter finals. The skipper of Three Lions has rested in the final game of Group B where his boss ensured that the team is able to perform without him in the game they played against Slovakia. The man from Manchester United is definitely an asset for the team and will help create the winning mentality that the team needs for the forthcoming games. As the tournament moves into the quarter final rounds they need all the mental support they can get and their skipper will surely be a role model towards that end.

He stated in a recent interview that, the break, he took has definitely helped him to be in a fresh frame of mind for the forthcoming games. The manager had taken a decision that he did not have to be part of the Group B final game and he trusts the manager’s decisions. Even if the game did not go as planned, he felt that the squad of players that the manager needs to get on the field has to be rotated in order to get the different players their due opportunity to play the tournament. Rooney has been working with his team to help them identify their weaknesses and to work on the same so that they are fortified better when they move to the quarter final matches.