It has not pleased the Red Devils supporters a single bit that Wayne Rooney is having a go at their beloved club despite the fact he had a long association with it himself.

Rooney in his latest interview gave the impression that he was not too sure about the quality of the Footballers that United has added to its ranks in the recent times.

As per Rooney, in the past, United had the possession of some of the legends of the game who set a certain benchmark for the future generation of Footballers, but, that benchmark is not being met by the current set of Footballers that United has.

Rooney’s statement has been brutally ridiculed by Man U supporters on social media.

The supporters are surprised that if the new signings of the club are as bad as Rooney is suggesting, why Rooney was not able to get a place in the starting XI ahead of them?

After all, he is a club legend himself and nobody is ahead of him in terms of numbers. So how could those mediocre Footballers manage to convince the head coach to prefer them over him?

In the view of the supporters, it’s actually Rooney whose standard came down and not the club’s and he should look at himself in the mirror.

Some of the supporters are finding the statement quite disrespectful on the part of Rooney because the Footballers that he is trying to call mediocre or not being of a high pedigree are the same ones whom he was sharing the locker room with not too long back.

In fact, it’s not even been a month of him getting out of that locker room and he has started slamming his ex-colleagues which is certainly not fitting of a man of his stature.