England and Manchester United midfielder, Wayne Rooney has stated that Manchester United have a bright future even if they have missed out a place in the Champions League.

He said that this has happened before and that Manchester United will be able to recover.

Wayne Rooney believes that the strength of Manchester United lies in its youth and that there are good players that have come out of the academy recently. Indeed, a few of them have made their debut with the first team this season and the midfielder believes that they will be key for Manchester United future.

Players such as Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial have indeed shown that the Manchester United team has a foundation to build on. The key here is to make sure that they find the right players to complement the youngsters that are already present and bring in some experience.

Wayne Rooney said it was always exciting to work with young players. He stated that they still have room for improvement and that they can develop into world-class players. Rooney stated that people often believe that Martial is still 20 years old and that he will become a better player.

Rashford himself has scored 7 goals since breaking into the first team, and he has been selected to form part of the 26-man squad for England. We will have to wait to find out whether he will make out the final England squad that will take part in the Euros finals in France.

Wayne Rooney stated that the quality of young players at Manchester United would ensure that the Red Devils will bounce back and challenge for titles again in the near future. For the time being, he said that we should let the young players develop and enjoy themselves playing.