Former Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard has revealed that he is finding life difficult without them, and that they make an important part of his Saturdays.

The keeper is around 5000 miles away in California and wakes early for the trans-Atlantic broadcast of the Premier League every weekend, staying in touch with the club he spent a decade.

“I miss Everton and I miss my teammates. When I watch them every Saturday, that’s what stands out to me. I miss walking down that tunnel,” the player said.

Howard featured in over three hundred games for his former club so it would definitely take him time to forget. He is still recovering from a hip injury whilst he answered questions from Echo at a Los Angeles conference centre. There are World Cup qualifiers and the new MLS season next month that the player has to look up to. In all of this, he seems to truly miss Everton. The sentiments he conveyed in his farewell letter to the club remain strong.

When asked to describe the Merseyside derbies, the Colorado Rapids shot stopper said: “You work with people and the city is split blue and red. There’s so many internal rivalries. It’s special.”

He added that he speaks regularly with former Toffees star John Stones now at Manchester City. He adds Ross Barkley and Phil Jagielka to the list as well. Continue Reading

Wayne Rooney Ready For Quarter Finals

As the Iceland test comes up at Euro 2016 Wayne Rooney states that he is feeling refreshed and confident about his team.

Being England’s captain, his mood and state of mind would certainly reflect the state of the mind of the team as well. As the quarter finals come up for Euro 2016 he states that the team is ready to face their first opponent, Iceland which is the first match of the quarter finals. The skipper of Three Lions has rested in the final game of Group B where his boss ensured that the team is able to perform without him in the game they played against Slovakia. The man from Manchester United is definitely an asset for the team and will help create the winning mentality that the team needs for the forthcoming games. As the tournament moves into the quarter final rounds they need all the mental support they can get and their skipper will surely be a role model towards that end. Continue Reading

Barcelona’s biggest liability lies in their defence and it just suffered a blow

Luis Suarez, Neymar, Lionel Messi and Iniesta are the main attacking figures of Barcelona and having all of these superstars in his squad it doesn’t seem like scoring goals will be a problem for the Spanish squad but the defensive section of the team is a different story.

The strength of Barcelona has never been their defence and it has sustained a huge blow after Gerard Pique received a red card due to the rants that he made during the Spanish Super Cup and Pique now has to serve a 4 match ban.

Aleix Vidal is not able to play until 2016 and the Brazilian right-back Douglas is out of action due to an injury.  Luis Enrique still has enough defensive options at his disposal including the likes of: Dani Alves, Javier Mascherano, Marc Bartra, Jordi Alba and Thomas Vermaelen but some of them have recently been struggling their pre-season.

Dani Alves and Marc Bartra have made defensive mistakes in the pre-season schedule of Barcelona.

During the opening match of the season, Barcelona faced off with Athletic Club and a lonely goal from Luis Suarez was enough for the team of Luis Enrique to seal the triumph. Continue Reading